Silahtar Makina - Asya Zenit DE-55 LT

Asya - Asya Zenit DE-55 LT

Asya Zenit DE-55 LT

Product Code : Asya Zenit DE-55 LT

CATEGORY : Milk Cream Machines

Subcategory : Asya

This product is used to extract cream from milk i.e. fat.


Asya cream machine has 2 different models.The electric model works with home electricity and is easier to use than mechanically.Mechanical model is preferred in places without electricity.Because it works with human power, it is a bit more difficult to use than the electric model.Because these products are made of stainless steel, there is no corrosion.In addition, the name of the liter cream machine draws liters of milk per hour.In the Asya cream machine, you can get almost all of the fat in the milk at once.The cleaning process will take less time with the system that is easily removed and installed.
Thanks to the apparatus inside the product, you can do the fixing in an easy way. The purpose of the products is the same, all of the names are the same machines, such as cream maker, cream speraler or milk extraction machine.This brand has been sold throughout Turkey for nearly 20 years.

55 Liters (Electric) Technical Specifications ;

Machinery Brand : Asya
Purpose Of The Machine : Cream From Milk (Oil))
Type of operation  : works with electricity.
Boiler Volume : 10 Liters
Milk Taken Per Hour : 55 Liters
Machine Body : Cast Iron
Warranty Period : 2 Years

Use Of Milk Cream Machine ;

- We install the cream machine in accordance with the instructions.
- Then two cream and milk can take the volume of the bucket, etc ..  are in possession of.
- If our machine is electrical, we attach it to electricity and if it is arm, we make it ready for use.
- On the boiler we transfer milk boiler milk over the finished can add.
- We put our buckets where the big one comes out of milk and the small one where the cream comes out.
- After running our cream machine, it will take almost all of the fat in milk at once.

- We have given you a brief overview of its use if you want more detailed information, you can contact us.


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